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Dec 18, 2019

Master Jennifer Wenhong Yu is the creator of Happy Tai Chi , a system of mindset, nutrition, meditation and movement that replaces toxic stress, chronic pain, and addiction with energetically balanced well-being and more emotional resilience, efficiency, and happiness. She is a 6th generation Yang family lineage of Tai Chi Chuan disciple and her Tai Chi journey began 30 years ago when she was chosen for Peking University's Championship Martial Arts Team. She is known worldwide as the Momma Panda. Her book "Happy" -- Reloaded: Recode Your Mind for Modern Happy Living, is the first one to combine ancient eastern Tai Chi principle's timeless universal wisdom with modern western positive psychology and present it in a relatable and science-based way.


Jennifer's book -- "Happy" -- Reloaded: Recode Your Mind for Modern Happy Living, is available on Amazon.


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