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Jun 3, 2019

Email marketing is alive and well today (actually becoming a hot topic at this very time). Email list rental and sponsored email marketing is NOT illegal. This form of advertising is misunderstood while being leveraged by top marketers.

Doug Morneau is a serial entrepreneur and an expert marketer with significant experience in email marketing.

He has made his clients in excess of $100 million dollars, leveraging email marketing and renting third-party email permission-based lists, making him the nation's largest media buyer of email lists.

Doug has served as a past member of both the Data & Marketing Association, formerly the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), and their Technology Council, as well as the Email Experience Council (EEC).

Doug is an international best-selling author of his first book, “Three Big Lies: The Real Truth About Renting Email Lists to Generate Targeted Leads and Sales.”

At every event, discussion with authors, business groups, and entrepreneurs over the last 5 years the revelation has been the same. None of them realized that they could use permission-based marketing via email list rental to immediately gain access to hundreds of thousands of potential consumers of their products and services.

While this lead generation marketing tactic is well known within a small circle of marketers, it’s been absent in the discussion at marketing conferences, and the boardroom. If it has been discussed, email list rental has been misunderstood, wrongfully maligned, and ignored.

During the biggest financial crisis in the history of the world since the great depression, Doug helped his clients raise over $100M in venture capital for their publicly traded companies by sending their story to multiple permission-based rented email lists, using online pay per click advertising, and social media.
His bold aggressive strategy grew his client’s businesses massively and made Doug the largest single largest purchaser of rented email lists in North America booking as much as $16M per year of this media.

With Doug’s extensive experience renting permission-based third-party email lists he has helped his clients to reach millions of potential investors online. In addition to online investors, he has used this targeted and responsive email media to identify and market to many industries, sectors, and consumer group matching his client’s avatar or ideal customer.

So was out of the lack of current and accurate information on the topic, that Doug wrote his book “Three Big Lies.” He shares the good, the bad, and the ugly truth of how to leverage third email lists. With plenty of specific details and case studies, he walks through the topic in nontechnical terms suitable for both the experience and new reader on this topic. Go to and sign up for his newsletter. When you get the confirmation Email, reply back that you heard him on the SaidX podcast and he'll send you a free copy of his new book- Three Big Lies- The real truth about renting Email lists to generate targeted leads and sales.


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